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Leased Lines to Ramp Up Your Digital Transformation

The onset of the pandemic has hit the business world with the need to transform rapidly - changing business models from in-office to remote or hybrid, shifting from servers to clouds, turning conference room meetings into video calls, and more. 

September 24, 2021 10 Minutes Reading Blog

82% of Indians working from home feel frustrated due to network issues and latency. Some of the technical issues a remote workforce faces include lags during video conferences and calls, hampered video quality while streaming webinars and live content, delay in uploading and downloading files, failed connection to VPNs, and fluctuating internet connectivity while working on virtual machines. These setbacks lead to a drop in productivity and poor communication with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

When your internet connection loses data packets, takes hours to transfer data, or hampers your productivity with slow speeds, it becomes a massive challenge to adapt to the digital changes. Additionally, as your business grows and you accommodate new personnel to your network - a decline in connectivity strength further hinders smooth workflow. 

What you need is a reliable internet connection for your business, which can match your steps with the changing requirements of the post-pandemic world.

Syncing your growth with transforming industry requirements 

These drastic digital transformations need to be backed by robust internet infrastructure to enable seamless connectivity for businesses. Also, it cannot be ignored that your business has unique requirements — and your internet connectivity needs to be tuned to the same. 
Leased lines with high-speed connectivity and uncontended bandwidth enable consistent networking that works for every business scenario.

A leased line connection is technically designed to eliminate all the problems faced in the case of shared, traditional networking models. This dedicated connection ensures consistency seamlessly to ultimately enhance productivity among employees and clients.

Leased lines features to ensure seamless workflow and increased productivity

According to a survey, “88% of the workforce in India prefer to have the flexibility of working from home, and 69% believe their productivity has increased while working rotely.”
For smooth operations, businesses need uninterrupted telephony, a solution to transfer massive amounts of data, and the ease of connecting remote people using VPNs. 

  • Pay as use model: With a bespoke deployment model, you get scalable bandwidth to control your internet requirements as per your business needs. 
  • Symmetric connection: With equal and high upstream & downstream speeds, you get to experience zero packet loss and no lags.
  • SLA-driven end-user throughput: High SLA overlays guarantee a high availability connection and enhance end-user throughput.
  • Backup connectivity: Get in-built backup for your leased lines with automatic switchover in case of downtime.
  • Constant IP configurations in LAN & server: This eases business networking, enhances security, and enables access over non-standard networks.

These traits of leased lines directly solve the networking hurdles faced by your business. Furthermore, your leased lines are exclusively optimized for you. This is done by understanding and prioritizing your business requirements and then syncing them to deliver the best solution for your network. 

However, the business models constantly evolve, and internet needs are no different. This is where the exclusiveness and bespoke deployment come into the picture—to suit the unique requirements of your business.

Tackling changing business needs - how can leased lines help?

The nuts and bolts of SMBs involve constant up-gradation to new technologies, increasing client acquisitions, and most importantly, adding new hires to the business network. When it comes to picking a network solution for a propelling business, these aspects come should be considered:

  • Increasing headcount on the business network
  • More users on VMs and VPNs
  • Increased need for security and confidentiality

Leased Lines address these concerns with their premium connectivity factors, and benefit the enterprises in their quest to grow their network of employees and clients—while having security and maintaining high confidentiality.  

Benefits of leased lines for SMBs:

  • Self-tuned pay-as-you-grow model to avail variable internet speeds

As your business expands, and headcount and network traffic increase, you should not face interruptions such as lags in video and audio, and jammed screens. The purpose of hiring new employees is to increase organizational productivity; poor connectivity acts counterproductively in that regard by slowing things down for your employees. 

Moreover, businesses often don’t prefer to invest in high bandwidth as they feel they will end up paying for all of it—even on the days when it is not required.
Dedicated internet access solves this dilemma by providing the freedom to modify your internet bandwidth according to your anticipated business requirements.

Tune your bandwidth—Control your OPEX.

  • Avoiding network downtime with high SLA overlays 

According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. Moreover, it takes an average of 23 minutes to get back to a task after an interruption. If your business carries out high-level data transactions and payment processing, then you cannot afford network downtime or any packet loss. This is one of the significant problems caused by low network speeds and a shared internet connection.

Spectra’s Managed Business Internet Access offers guaranteed 99.5% SLA overlays to ensure that your network always stays active. Additionally, these enterprise-grade SLAs are coupled with built-in backup and dual bandwidth to prevent any situation of loss or lags. 

Consistent Uptime—no lag, no loss.

  • Uncontended connectivity solution to enable optimum security

India reported 1.16 million cybersecurity cases in 2020, which is 3X more than 2019. You do not want a security breach that can put your or your clients’ confidential data in the hands of your competitors, public networks, or worse, hackers. To safeguard your highly sensitive data with the first shield of security, you need an uncontended connection in place. 

Dedicated internet lines keep sensitive data out of the scope of the public implementing high-grade security and ensuring the trust of their clients.

Phishing-proof, private networking.

  • 24x7 monitoring and network operation support 

A dedicated connection’s purpose is not solved until your business gets a personalized solution for your networking problems. 
The leased line connection by Spectra is backed with 24x7 monitoring of your network to ensure seamless connectivity. A team of account managers, service personnel, technicians, and engineers take a personalized approach to your account management, backed by contract-driven SLA. This way, we ensure that your tasks are never stuck in the pipeline due to networking issues.

Single point of contact for all your network support needs.

Which Businesses should opt for leased lines?

Business needs vary with business models, tech-suite, and day-to-day operations. To find the best network solution for your business, you need to consider every aspect, such as:

  • Can my network withstand the heavy data load?
  • Would my current bandwidth sustain the increasing users?
  • Can I risk sharing my network with other businesses?

Leased lines have the features that stand in favor of businesses with such doubts. Matching different business needs with the benefits offered by leased lines can help shed light on these dilemmas.

Business/ industries

Why leased lines are a good fit

Data-smart businesses using SaaS & Cloud Applications

  • High-speed connectivity with symmetrical speed - facilitates data transfer with fast rates

  • Uploading and downloading big data made easier with no packet loss

Companies & institutions using cloud telephony services

  • VoIP to facilitate remote or hybrid working scenarios

  • Supports digital transformation by leveraging extensive bandwidth for audio and video conferencing

Enterprises requiring remote access via VPNs

  • Secures your connection to internal business networks, applications, and data

  • Optimum QoS with high support for authentication and encryption of data packets 

Fintech, Insuretech, Healthcare & other data-sensitive industries

  • Uncontended network for private and exclusive use by your business

  • Tough to hack into—lowers the possibility of phishing attacks and cybercrimes


Dedicated internet lines are the future-proof scalable backbone to satisfy your business needs - by implementing secure, fast, and reliable last-mile internet connectivity. 

Spectra’s Managed Internet solves the challenges for your growing business with its leased line connectivity solution.The managed internet comes with 247 proactive network monitoring and 99.95% SLA agreement, followed by a robust account management process. 

Spectra revitalizes your network experience by giving you the essential platform for end-to-end visibility of your network utilization via a single dashboard view. For optimal business network management, you can co-manage almost all your network ops from a single console. Managed internet, with its bespoke deployment model, enhances your networking experience by making your peak traffic hours even more productive—ultimately transforming your business in the digital world.

To know more about how Spectra can help solve your connectivity challenges, reach out to us today.

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While many still struggle with the new modus operandi, most educational institutions have adjusted. What’s more, the pandemic has acted as an accelerator for ushering in digital learning- something which was already in motion around the world, albeit slowly and cautiously. 

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